My B.S.F. Projects

Naturally, I myself have a number of B.S.F. related projects that I have undertaken, from academic articles to public lectures. Being that I believe in making sure that knowledge is accessible, I have tried my best to make things available for the public. Check out below to see some of the work I have been able to make available.


Academic Articles

“Kids In Black: The Transformative Power of Black Fantasy” = This is a chapter that I wrote for a collection called Broadening Critical Boundaries in Children’s and Young Adult Literature and Culture. The chapter discusses the importance of Blackness in the fantasy genre and how such representation can aid Black children and all those who interact with them. Here is a preview of the chapter, but please contact me if you are interested in reading and/or citing the entire thing.

Public Lectures

Introduction to Black Speculative Fiction = I do a lecture where I introduce audiences to the basics of Black Speculative Fiction through visual examples and using my own expertise. I use this to demonstrate the importance of using speculative genres to discuss Black experiences and make people aware that Blackness in speculative fiction stretches beyond the Afrofuturism aesthetic. Here is a preview of said lecture and contact me if you are interested in having me give the lecture at an event.

Creative Writing

Elemental Series = Naturally, my main novel series is full of the tenets of Black Speculative Fiction. By following a primarily Black cast of characters as they journey to learn themselves and protect their world, I use the Elemental series to show that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look like, anyone can be super. Learn more about the Elemental series here.

Other Creative Ventures = Most of my creative writing deals with some aspects of Black Speculative Fiction. As a fiction writer first and foremost, I have a number of published short stories that examine different aspects of Black Speculative Fiction and its tenets. Look here for my creative publications both with the Elemental series and outside of it.