Marcus Haynes, also known as M. Haynes, "The Ratchedemic" or Mr. Haynes, is a college instructor, author, blogger, scholar and advocate for blackness in all its forms. From his humble birth in Memphis, Tennessee, to his upbringing in Greenville, Mississippi he has constantly worked towards leaving his mark on the world.

His first opportunity to leave a lasting impression was when he began writing and selling his own fantasy "novel" series called Girlchase at the age of nine. Once people became interested in his books he discovered that writing was his calling and that it would be his future career. It was that passion for writing that led him to take classes and time to practice his craft, including restarting the O'Bannon High School newspaper.

By the time he graduated from high school, Marcus realized that though he loved to write he also loved to eat, and used his full academic scholarship to attend Alcorn State University. Having known early on that he wanted an HBCU education, he attended Alcorn and proceeded to leave his mark by joining Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., becoming an English Literature scholar, participating in the Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Program and cementing himself as a prominent Alcorn alumnus by his graduation in 2012. 

After getting an English graduate degree in Creative Writing in 2014, Marcus decided it was time to return to his writer roots and rededicated himself to the dream he had nearly 15 years ago: to become the author of a fantasy book series. After learning more about speculative fiction, he noticed the severe lack of diverse characters in the genres of fantasy, horror and science fiction. It was then that he realized that he could do something to change that. After all, he had written a series before. 

So with a more refined goal in sight, he set out to publish a new series, one that would feature characters that reflected the world he lived in. He originally created "The Ratchedemic" as a blog site to give him an online presence to promote his book, but it became so much more. With over 8000 views in less than 12 months the site became such a fast hit that even with the book out and gaining steam, Marcus decided to revamp and continue it. Now, Marcus uses his site for everything from his thoughts on the world, to his research interests, to his teaching, to continuing to promote the Elemental series. Thanks to his hard work Marcus's goals get closer and closer, and that mark he wants to leave gets bigger and bigger.