Every month I will highlight a Black artist, form of entertainment, business, or social media personality to help to spread awareness of Black Excellence. Be sure to check here on the 2nd of every month!


Two years ago I spotlighted a number of Blogs With a Purpose. By now,, unfortunately, many of those blogs have been shut down or aren't updated nearly as regularly anymore. That's the thing with blogs: the way information moves today it takes nothing for a site to be outdated. This works well for us, however, because it gives us an opportunity to look at a new batch of Blogs With a Purpose. In today's time blogs are a common way to get information, and these six blogs run for, by, and about Black people are a good source of any sort of info you could want. 


Shadow and Act is the first blog on this new list of Blogs With a Purpose. Shadow and Act is a great place to visit because it is a website and blog dedicated to centering people of the African Diaspora in film and television. If you wanna keep up with all the Black shows and Black movies coming out (and already out) Shadow and Act is the place to go. S&A talks about Black TV and movies both mainstream and indie, and if you can get S&A to break one of your stories you're doing well. Check out what the site talks about and keep up with the visions of various Black creatives.


Speaking of media centered on Black people, the blog Chronicles of Harriet focuses primarily on speculative fiction created by Black people. Chronicles of Harriet, run by Balogun Ojetade, talks at length about his books and other works of Black Speculative Fiction. This site is especially important for someone like me because the site gives examples of and definitions to several of the genres and sub-genres in the field. If you ever have any questions about how and why Black people write fantasy, science fiction, horror, or any other branch of speculative fiction or if you just wanna learn more about Balogun's work this is the site for you.

kyemah mcentyre.jpg

Continuing with Black Speculative Fiction blog sites we have Graveyard Shift Sisters. Graveyard Shift Sisters is a site dedicated to, as it's tagline says, "purging the Black female horror fan from the margins." Even though Black women have been a big part of horror films for a while, very few have really looked at the influence they have had. In fact, Sycorax's Daughters, the only anthology of horror stories and poems by and about Black women, came out within the past year. Black women have things to be afraid of as well, and with the success of Get Out hopefully these women will be able to leave the Graveyard Shift and work in the daylight. 

janet mock.png

Shifting gears a little bit, let's visit the world of Kate Lakyra. The site explores empowerment, beauty, and self-care for the young Black woman and it's owner, Katelyn Davis, is more than capable of capturing the lifestyle of a young millennial. Katelyn believes strongly in creating sisterhood and hosted a few events that support her beliefs in how to be a "magical girl boss". Whether you need hair tutorials, style tips, or just want to see how the petitie + curvy fashionista lives her day to day life, this blog is for you. 


Matthew R. Morris is a Canadian elementary school teacher who blogs through his educational experiences. He speaks on social justice, with special attention focused on how Black men and boys are treated on both sides of education. He also writes to help prepare young educators like himself for the tumultuous world of instruction. Speaking from his position as a young Black male in education, he hopes to inspire and inform others on how to deal with the unique challenges that face them, as well as speak on his own challenges. It's a good blog to keep on the favorites list if you interact with young students in any way; it may just make you rethink some things.


Last on the list is one of my personal favorites: Very Smart Brothas. VSB is probably the most popular blog here, and for good reason. Damon Young, Panama Jackson, and Liz Burr, the founders of VSB, take pride in providing both biting and insightful commentary on anything from movies (see, "What Becky Gotta Do to Get Murked?") to social justice to current events. VSB allows guest bloggers to write articles as well, giving a more nuanced viewpoint than just what the "brothas" could. It is also home to probably one of the least toxic comment sections I have ever seen on the internet. For all of these reasons VSB should be on EVERYONE's bookmarks bar. It also proves that blogs are more than capable of starting the critical discussions and critiquing our world in a way that's accessible to most everyone.