Academic Bio

Scholar and author Marcus Haynes believes strongly in the transformative power of literature. While earning degrees in English from Alcorn State University and University of Louisiana at Lafayette he discovered speculative fiction, a field dedicated to challenging perceptions and world views. As he matriculates through a doctoral program at Clark Atlanta University he has refined his scholarship to focus on Black Speculative Fiction and the ways that it challenges perceptions around Blackness. Through numerous academic and creative publications and speaking engagements, Haynes has dedicated his life to using Black Speculative Fiction to challenge limited perceptions of Blackness throughout the academy.

Teaching Bio

For over a decade, Marcus Haynes has utilized his earnest belief in collaborative learning to transform the classroom experience. As a scholar most interested in the uses of speculative fiction to shape world views, Haynes believes wholeheartedly that liberation lies within the community. He attempts to bring that structure to the classroom through analytical and creative writing, earnest discussion, and holistic instruction. Taking note from bell hooks, Haynes uses the classroom to prove that a little imagination goes a long way towards transforming a generation.


Elemental Author Bio

M. Haynes grew up loving fantasy worlds, but soon realized that they failed to include people like him. He began developing the Elemental series at a young age to correct that. Over fifteen years of writing later, M. Haynes’ series of Elemental YA novels show that heroes do not have to be straight, blonde haired, blue eyed men or boys. Instead, he uses the Elemental series to show a more nuanced version of heroism in fantasy worlds. His works show that anyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or ability, can be a hero. Learn more about the series at www.mhaynes.org/elemental.

General Author Bio

M. Haynes’ childhood was so filled with fantasy worlds that he just had to create one of his own. He was inspired by books like Harry Potter and Animorphs, TV shows like Avatar the Last Airbender, and video games like Legend of Dragoon to begin writing himself into fantasy. As an adult M. Haynes recognized the lack of inclusion in speculative fiction and set out to correct that with his Elemental novel series and other writings. Now, M. Haynes uses what he has learned to encourage more POC to see themselves in speculative works, just as he wished he had.