Good morning! Welcome to “The Ratchedemic” aka my website/blog! First off let me say thank you to everyone who encouraged me to go ahead and do this and I hope all of you (and more) support me in this endeavor!

Let me give a little explanation of what this site is gonna do. The real rundown is in the “About Me” section, but I’ll just explain here that my goal for this site is to promote not just myself but people like me: the up and coming and little known artists and the people with dreams bigger than the towns they come from. As such there are two main parts of this site for now: the “Mind of a Ratchedemic” and the “Monthly Spotlights”

The “Mind of a Ratchedemic” is the heart and soul of this site: the blog. It’s where I will rant or rave about things going on around us. It’s a place for me to talk about things in depth and share my insanity with the world. I’ll try to keep my ranting and raving from turning into a dissertation and at a PG-13 level, but if something needs more explanation or some colorful language don’t be shocked; the site is called “The Ratchedemic” for a reason, so everything on here won’t be all nice, clean and respectable.  I plan to post at least one long writing every two weeks.

If the blog is about me then the “Monthly Spotlights” is about everyone else. I spend a pretty good amount of time online and I’ve noticed that there is A LOT of talent and good things happening out there that a lot of people don’t know about because it doesn’t get emphasized. The spotlight section is a place for me to highlight the Black writers, musicians, artists, businesses, social media personalities, and anything else you can think of that I think more people should know about. My goal is to expose the world to more of our excellence one month at a time.

So that’s the main stuff! Check out the “About Me” section or take a peek at my “Media” if you want, but be sure to check out the blog and the spotlight. The blog even has a comment section just itching for discussions. Also don’t be scared to share the existence of this site through your own social media and/or word of mouth; the bigger it gets the more I can do with it! So go on, check out the site!  And come on back sometime, ya hear?