"Believe It!"

by Christopher Ross

Anime series and manga really became in popular in 2002, after its predecessors like Pokémon and One Piece. After receiving some great feedback from the earlier shows it was only natural that they keep the success going. Kids born in the 90’s grew up watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, so in 2002 they introduced a new series called NarutoNaruto is about a young boy named “Naruto Uzumaki,” who was born an orphan. This story arc takes place in the late 80’s in a fictional village of ninjas. The young boy takes his first step to accomplish his goal of be the Hokage (leader of the village), by becoming a ninja. Naruto had been dealt a bad hand in life from birth, but never giving up and following his dreams in spite of the village giving him a hard time because of an attack on his village 16 years ago. The series has great fighting scenes, enough comedy, and drama that 90s babies like me love. Originally aired in japan and later brought overseas to the United States in its infant stage, Naruto and other similar shows had potential to be the great shows we anime lovers love today.

By Masashi Kishimoto being from Japan he has extensive knowledge at his finger tips about ninjas and different clans in their respected villages. Not to mention he had to have a similar experience to the main character Naruto as a child. Although he is a skilled writer there are some major inconsistencies in the story arc that just dome make sense. Toward the end of the arc the main characters Naruto and Sasuke fight the goddess of all Chakra named Kaguya. She gained her power by eating the fruit of the gods and fused with the tree of gods. Once she became one with the tree she became the first wielder of Chakra. And later had two sons named Hagormo and Hamura. These two sons had kids and their kids had kid. This eventually breaks off into the different clan tree. What I don’t understand is how Kaguya came to be. The entire ninja world started with her and there is no knowledge of how she came to be.

Not only was the manga and television series meant entertainment but I feel as if it is also to teach a lesson. The lesson being even though you may have been dealt a bad hand in life you can still raise through the ranks and achieve your goals. At birth Naruto was alone in this world and everyone in his village hated him because he carried the demon nine tail fox sprite inside of him. This hate ward toward him never changed who he was as a person or his dreams of becoming Hokage. He is call the hyperactive most unpredictable ninja in the leaf. His gutsiness not only gets him into a lot of trouble, but that same gutsiness saves his fellow comrades time after time. As a kid Naruto never gave up even when he was outgunned and outclassed majority of the time. his gutsiness along with his NINDO (Ninja Way), gave him the advantage to overcome any opponent he faces. Later on in the story arc when Naruto has grown up and become a splendid ninja along with the title of “Hero of the Hidden Leaf.” He is not alone in his village anymore. He has his fellow comrades the depend on him to save the village countless time, and he can truly call them his friends.

Although Naruto has gotten closer and closer to his dream of becoming Hokage, he has experienced great emotional trauma and hardship. His first trauma was when he finally became best friends with his rival Sasuke Uchiha. The two where in constant competition with one another even as friends, but sasuke had his own hidden agenda. Sasuke’s main goal in life was to avenge the members of his fallen clan at the hand of his older brother. So he sought after more power and in seek of this power he had to sever all bonds  with his comrades and most importantly Naruto. This was hard for Naruto to grasp because this was the first real bond he had formed with anyone. “Naruto” wasn’t about to let his best friend go down that dark path of revenge. In spite of his efforts, he was unsuccessful and Sasuke left the village in seek of power promised to him by Orochimaru. The second major trauma was when he got to meet both of his dead parents. Growing up no one told Naruto who his Father and mother were. His father was Minato and he was the fourth Hokage. His mother was Kushina and she was an Jinchuriki (tailed beast holder) for the nine tailed fox. When Naruto was born his Mother and father with their last dying breaths, preformed a sealing jutsu to seal away the nine tailed fox inside Naruto. While performing the jutsu both parents put both their chakra inside of him as a failsafe just in case Naruto lost control of the nine tails. So when he lost control his mother and father appeared in his subconscious mind to stop him and told him the story about how they meet their demise. He also got to spend some time with each of them and got to know each of them.

The target audience are young teenagers and young adults ranging from ages 11-25. The show is definitely not for young kids due to the fact the there is a lot of volante deaths that could sway and encourage young children to think that that behavior is ok. Not to mention the vulgar language and light nudity. In japan the series is completed and they are working in the new spin off series Baruto. Baruto is the son of “Naruto” and the story takes place in the future after Naruto has become Hokage and brought peace to the Ninja World.