Crumbling Center City

by Stephanie Perea

            “Run!” yelled Drew as he saw A.G. and her army of terror approaching Center City. In that moment, we knew everything was doomed and that our city would never the same, beautiful place it was. See, my name is Aleena and I’ve lived in this city all my life, along with my brother Drew. Center City is known for its incredible farming, abundance of crops, and of course we can’t forget the amazing livestock. Since Center City provides the majority of the agricultural products, we also have a habit of giving a bit of self recognition to our products. When A.G. heard about all the resources, we have she couldn't wait to get her hands on them; that’s when she, accompanied by her androids, barged into our city to wipe it clean of them and use them to take over Colorius. She knew the ability of our special crop turning into fuel, therefore she used it to power the androids. Now that she has stolen what we as a city cherish the most, Drew and I must find a way to retrieve what was ripped from their land. 

            The one thing keeping the citizens of Center City sane is the idea of the  Elementals. There’s five of the elementals and each have their own power to use against A.G. Knowing that there are people helping fight against what destroyed them gives the people less reason to stress while they struggle to collect their essentials. “Hurry, grab everything you need. Soon we won’t have a chance to,” Drew reminded me.

          “Okay okay,” I replied back “I just need a few things.” I packed a bag with all my important items, as he did the same, and we headed out the door. We would have to seek shelter in a farmhouse where we would always go as little kids. The owner of the land always gave us a taste of the crop when it was ready to harvest.

          As we were walking up the steps of Monty’s house, the owner of the farm, his eyes lit up with joy and he said, “Ah it’s so good to see y’all. I know it must be tough now that A.G. on the verge of takin’ over, but y’all welcome to stay here as much as y’all got to. It shouldn’t be long until these Elementals destroy A.G. anyway.” Half of his land was completely destroyed, and his tractor was missing… which was an odd thing because he rode that tractor every day. Something was not right.

        “Hey Monty, what happened here?” Drew asked as he was leaning on the porch of Monty’s house.

        “Well you see, living on the edge of Center City ain’t no way to escape the damage. She passed on through with her evil androids and took any of the crops that were in her path and they took my Tina which is the worst part.” Drew looked over at me and he recognized the look on my face. He knew I wanted to help victims, such as Monty, recover from the destruction, but I didn’t know how.


          The same night A.G. and her army paid another visit to the lands to replenish their weak supply of yong, Aleena makes her way down the fields as it jogs her memory of a small cottage in the woods. She breaks through the trees and reaches the barren cottage. Within the first steps she was greeted with a cobweb and the creak of rotten floor boards.

         “Be careful!” Aleena demanded as they walked, but Drew trails behind his sister unfazed by the chipped wood. In attempt to find clues of what A.G. was planning to store she supply, they scavenged their newfound shelter. Aleena comes across a hidden journal, “Drew look what i found,” she brings it immediately to her brother. Drew opens it carefully and discovers a small name written in the back of the book. It reads androida thea. Then suddenly Drew remembers the translation he saw a long time ago in a book of how A.G. came about. The name translates directly to Android Goddess.

        He viciously turns the pages in the journal until he finds a map of all the places A.G. has demolished. Along with a map, it listed the resources she planned on taking possession and where she conserved each. All of the sudden an android rises from beneath the deteriorating floor, breaking the wooden panels and shocking Aleena and Drew. Both of the siblings were ready to defend themselves at any cost against the evil androids or even A.G.. Aleena quickly shoved the journal in her book bag so the androids wouldn’t detect it. After a minute of confrontation they were able to slip away through the cracks in the floor. Since they played in it while they were little kids, they knew that it transformed into tunnels leading back to the river, which provided irrigation for the city.

            Using their ancient knowledge of the tunnels along with the map, they were able to make their way to the nearest yong stock. When they reached their destination, they were astonished by the sight of the Elementals already there. Aleena and Drew decided to call over De and beg to allow their participation in taking A.G. down in honor of Center City. De did not want any more time wasted so he let it happen. Unfortunately, like Don, Aleena and Drew were not blessed with the ability of powers.

            Aleena felt her blood boil the moment A.G. and her army charged into the factory. The Elementals became closer than ever in that moment and used every inch of motivation to defeat the Android Goddess. A.G. began to grow weak as the Elementals launched attacks, causing her to realize her only option was to self destruct creating a ray of energy that destroys any living thing in it’s way. Upon recognizing this, Drew being the closest, took immediate action. He saved everyone around him by jumping on A.G. obstructing the blast from reaching his friends, and more importantly his sister.

            A few days went by before the town was fully able to grasp what aspired. Aleena was able to restore the city’s supply of yong with the help of the Elementals. This brought recognition to Drew’s heroic act saving the lives of Colorius. Center City was able to return to its agricultural ways and provide for the people affected by post A.G. takeover. For Aleena, the recovery from the loss of her brother was a long, painful process. With the strength of those around her, she was able to make amends with her agony. She knows what her brother did saved everyone, and she is eternally grateful. However, he will always be missed.