Couldn't find anything you wanted in the store, but still wanna support the cause? Learned something here and want to show your appreciation? Or do you just LOVE me? If you answered yes to any of those questions, have I got the page for you! Feel free to click the button at the bottom of this page and donate whatever you feel, but before you do, you should know a couple of things:

1) ANY funds you donate will ONLY be used for official business. That means the maintenance for the site, travel funds for conferences, conventions, and other engagements, and of course the publication and promotion of the Elemental series and my scholarship. 

2) I use a Black owned bank to take donations and purchases. You know how important it is that we support ourselves, so you know that this being a Black owned bank is important. Citizens Trust Bank is one of the 25 surviving Black owned banks in the US, so not only are you helping to support me, but you're also supporting a nearly century old Black business! 

3) I really, REALLY appreciate all of my supporters and ALL that you do! Whether you donate or not, the love I get from you guys on the daily and the conversations started by this site are already a huge benefit!

So with that said, if you are able click the link below and give what you can!

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