The Elemental Series

Ever since I was young I have been fascinated with fantasy worlds, but it wasn't until I got older that I realized that I could truly create my own and have it read by others. The Elemental series is the culmination of my goal to create a YA fantasy series that features marginalized people from various races, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, physical/mental ability, and class status as heroes, villains, and in-betweens. As I continue to publish more books, create more merchandise, and promote the series in general, I look forward to using my writing to show that everyone has the elements to be a hero.


Legend of the Orange Scepter is the debut novel and an introduction to the series. It tells the story of five teenage boys; four of them with the divine ability to control various elements. De, M, Rod, Mo, and their friend and brilliant inventor Don, all use their various skills to take down the android guard gone wrong called A.G. 


Return of A.G. is the Elementals’ second adventure, full of more Elementals, more villains, and more adventure. Nine Elementals: De, M, Rod, Mo, and newcomers Jas, Lucas, Kiara, Jay, and Alex, all unite to take down the Prudence siblings and keep them from bringing back A.G.  

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