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PCA/ACA 2016

I will be presenting a conference paper called "Publishing In Color" at the 2016 Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference Conference. My presentation will be at 9:45 AM on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. I will also be using that time to promote my novel and site with the people who look at pop culture through an academic lens. Below is the abstract for my paper; hope to see you there!

Lawrence Clark Powell once said, “We are the children of a technological age…Printing is no longer the only way of reproducing books. Reading them, however, has not changed.” While there may be some truth to that statement, the digital reproduction and promotion of books is still a major force on how people receive said books, particularly the children born deeper and deeper into this “technological age”. For them, all of their lives are digital; from their clocks to their friends. It only makes sense then that the information and the literature they receive is in this format as well. The relative inexpensiveness of digital publishing and promotion make it much easier than ever before to disseminate information, which also opens up the publishing industry to those who may have been previously shut out from it. This paper will seek to explore how the pervasive nature of technology opens up the world of Children’s/YA publishing, and what successes and failures such an open market can bring, particularly for writers of color. It will also discuss how an embracing of digital promotion and publishing could more easily expose children of the technological age to literature.