Every month I will highlight a Black artist, form of entertainment, business, or social media personality to help to spread awareness of Black Excellence. Be sure to check here on the 2nd of every month!


It's another February, which means its time for another roundup of Black owned businesses to support this year! This year I've gathered clothing stores, art, toys, and even places to put your hard earned money under the spotlight of Black Owned Businesses. In the tumultuous times that we live it, it is even more important to support each others' business endeavors and build community wealth. All of these businesses are dedicated to helping improve their community and it's our job to give them the support to do so! Check out the six businesses below and don't forget to share their existence to others just like we did with the other businesses


Let's start this year off with Dream Deferred Designs. Dream Deferred Designs (hereafter referred to as 3D) is both a store and philanthropic force, through their ABLM Initiative. Danielle Daley brought her vision to fruition by centering Black queer people and Black women in her focus, and the result has been an intersectional dream come true. Head over to 3D today and see what Danielle has to offer!


Next we head over to Malaville for Malaville Toys. It, as said in their About Us, is a land of make-believe where everything is possible and dreams come true. Their dedication to diversity in dolls, however, is very real. Malaville Toys feature four main doll designs: Maisha, Mala, Malina, and Mhina, each with her own look and catering to her own section of Black girlhood. Malaville Toys is another doll company dedicated to empowering young Black girls (this time a tad bit cheaper too), so be sure to make a stop in Malaville the next time you're out!


No-Tribe Clothing is next on the list. This store takes the time to show off African inspired garb in various clothing styles, making it that much easier for buyers to show off their pride! Each of the clothing items in No-Tribe features the name and style of the clothes, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors to match or make any outfit. No-Tribe is a little on the expensive side, but you can't shortchange the quality you get with these clothes. 


Though Marcus Williams is primarily an artist, he has quite a bit of amazing merchandise for sale over at his website! You may recognize Marcus (I just love the fact that we have the same name) as one half of the creative duo that went super viral last year for their comic book series Tuskegee Heirs. Long before the Heirs took flight, however, Marcus was creating other empowering artwork through Swaptober and his other creative outlets. Now you can buy shirts, comics, and posters featuring Marcus's work and have a little piece of greatness with you. Go get it now, because I can guarantee you'll want a piece of history once he blows up even more. 


The University Closet is actually a store that I found a year or so ago that I'm surprised I haven't spotlighted yet. This store features lots of throwback, Greek, and college inspired clothes that are designed to make you nostalgic for that attire you had back in your heyday. All of The University Closet's work is designed to support and promote Black organizations and schools, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you how important that is. Step back in time and check them out today!


Last on the list is actually a list in and of itself: the remaining Black Owned Banks. Each of these financial institutions have been around for several decades and are using their influence to build wealth and offer loan opportunities and financial support for a community historically discriminated against even in that regard. These banks, from Citizens Trust (the one that I use) to One United and their online banking, are the source of and ones supported by the #BankBlack movement that started last year. With the momentum the movement has gained, it is important to keep that going by depositing at least a few dollars in a Black bank whenever possible. I can assure you you won't regret it.