"Harry Potter - The Legend!"

by Haley Dunne

About fifteen years ago, an epic movie released titled, “Harry Potter, and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. Growing up this was by far my favorite book/turned movie series. The “Sorcerer’s Stone” movie is an adaptation of the first book written by author J.K. Rowling. Harry, the main character, learns on his eleventh birthday that is not just a normal tween, and that he in fact is the child of two of the most powerful wizards of all time, and that he too, possesses these magical powers. With many questions in tow, Harry follows direction to his new wizard boarding school, Hogwarts. He meets new friends that help him learn how to hone in on his newfound magical powers. In the midst of growing up in a whole new world, Harry is also searching for answers of the mysterious deaths of his parents. “The Boy Who Lived” and his friends unleash a much more epic story than what they could’ve ever imagined – like battling with the most feared wizard of all – Voldemort. The movie created out of this book was well done, in my opinion, with making the images in my head while reading, come to life.

Since there was a recent Harry Potter movie marathon on, I decided I should write about how the first movie affects me, as well as others. Before getting into the detail and spoilers, I want to share how much I wish that every person would be able to watch and enjoy the magic (no pun intended) of this movie. To cross different barriers and face Voldemort, Harry has to be super courageous. Firstly, he is still trying to accept that he is a wizard and a powerful wizard at that. THEN he must believe in himself to use his own good will and powers to defeat the darkest of all wizards. This idea can in some ways apply to real-life. Most of the audiences reading this are college students. We can all relate to having to face this new life that engrosses us – with balancing classes, jobs, relationships, family life, faith, and morals – whether we think we are prepared or not. What defines us is how we react and take charge of the changes; just like in a way that Harry Potter did when learning he was a wizard.

            When this movie first debuted, many parents had a problem with letting their child see the film. There was controversy over whether or not this opened children’s minds to sorcery and “serious witchcraft”. There was an example given that kids would devour hundreds of pages and crave reading more and more Harry Pottter…as if addicted. Parents translated this to the young readers/viewers subconsciously learning too much about witchcraft, whereas my parents (as well as many others) saw it as another outlet of letting children become exposed to more creative selections of young literature. Since I became aware of this issue, as a young adult now, I would consider reading the same books and watching the same movies my kids are to make sure I could be versed on what they are learning, rather than being so quick to judge!

            To get into a little more detail about what this movie is about, Harry at the start of the year is warned by Headmaster Dumbledore to not enter the third floor corridor, unless they want to “die a painful death”. Throughout the year, Harry makes two close friends- Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. These two friends help Harry learn who his parents are as wizards and how they died. The three of them also learn about the Sorcerer’s Stone, which is a magical stone that is capable of prolonging its keeper’s life, and it is being kept on the third floor of the school. Harry decides (I don’t know why, other than it’s a great story line) to enter this dangerous corridor to meet the Stone. He ends up meeting his Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Quirrell, in this chamber and it turns out that Voldemort shares the body of Professor Quirrell and it’s the only way that the Dark Lord can live at his “weak state”. There are different barriers throughout this chamber that you must pass, both Harry and Quirrell/Voldemort meet the last barrier set by the masterful Dumbledore himself. This magical mirror presents what you most desire. Quirrell, since he wants the stone, looks to see the stone but it’s not there. BUT, because Voldemort has possessed this man’s body, Quirrell can only see where the stone sits. For Harry, he desires the stone as well, and feels it in his pocket. Like any good versus evil scene, Quirrell and Harry have a wizard’s duel and somehow when Harry can’t bear the magical fight any longer, Dumbledore steps in and helps Harry overcome the evil wizard….keeping the wizarding world safe…for now. This scene is the most suspenseful because as of yet, the director didn’t really show how talented Harry was with his wizard skills.

            Most importantly, this movie is one of my favorites because as a tween I constantly was daydreaming and creating “what if” scenarios for myself. That might also be because I’m a Pisces, but that’s for a completely different post. Seeing this movie made my imagination explode with so many possibilities of how I could make my seemingly average life potentially become something incredible. Even today this lets me escape to a different world, remind me that you don't have to be related to someone to be family, and having a good heart will always pay off.