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Every month I will highlight a Black artist, form of entertainment, business, or social media personality to help to spread awareness of Black Excellence. Be sure to check here on the 2nd of every month!

The first Monthly Spotlight is a shout out to all the fantastic Youtube channels that have good quality Black shows. As I said in the "#BoycottSororitySisters! #AndThenWhat?" post, there are some really good up and coming Black directors, producers, writers, and filmmakers making a lot of these shows we say we would rather see, so why don't we try to use our power as consumers to get some of those on air? Below are eight Youtube channels with really good Black web shows that you can watch when you're bored and tired of looking at vines. A lot of these channels have multiple shows, but I've picked out these shows just to give an example of what each channel is about. After you've checked them out continue to support and recommend them to other people; this is all about bringing awareness after all!

I can't do a list of Black Youtube channels without including Black&Sexy.TV. Not only are most of the other channels I have listed here connected or linked back to Black&Sexy.TV in some way, but the channel itself has A LOT of really good shows on it. You have shows like Roomieloverfriends, Hello Cupid, and The Couple that all have a home on the "mecca of Black Youtube". Even if you don't like any of these other shows that I have listed for you, you can easily binge watch and get whatever you need from this channel alone. Check out one of their shows, Chef Julian, below and be sure to buy their subscription to get full episodes. Or you could check them out on BET


Next on the list is my personal favorite of the bunch: Black Boots, which comes from a channel called BOA|tv.  (Yes it's the same one I mentioned it in one of my blog posts this month). The basic Idea is you have a freshman in college who expresses interest in joining a Black Greek organization. While I kind of wonder what school he was at where he could pledge his freshman year, the show itself is a pretty great mix of an intake process and college life and all they both entail. If you are one of the people with a bad taste in your mouth towards Greekdom because of the Sorority Sisters situation, give the first episode a look below.


Next up is inkSpotEntertainment and their show The Unwritten Rules. It is actually based on a book called 40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African American Woman (monster of a title huh?) and explores the life of Racey, a Black woman struggling to deal with working in a predominately white workplace. This show has just had its series finale, but there are several other projects the creators are working on. Check it out below to see if it's something you want to see.


You guys may remember Reagan Gomez from The Parent Hood, Beauty Shop, or even her voice acting on The Cleveland Show. Well now she is dedicated to making more roles for Black women by creating her own Youtube shows. The first of which is the one she stars in called Almost Home. It follows the life of two siblings who move to California following their mother's death to get a fresh start on life. Reagan is also currently in the casting stage for a new Youtube show (that won't star her) called Surviving, which will put two sisters who have survived a zombie apocalypse in scenarios where they must, well, survive the dead. Reagan says the concept is pretty fresh because very few other sci-fi shows and films feature young Black women in starring roles kicking ass. If that interests you check that one out, but if you want a little more realistic entertainment watch the first episode of Almost Home below. 


FreefallTVSeries brings us Freefall the web series. It is also another production of Band of Artists (the people behind Black Boots). Now, I already know a lot of you probably won't watch this one because of the types of relationships in it, but if you do you'll see how the show itself shows a lot of how these men come together and must contend with not only their complicated relationships but the call of the streets (and lots of money) to try to make a better life for themselves.  Check out the first episode of the first season below. There is also a mini movie that comes before the first episode, but yeah...skip it if you can. 


Mckinson Souverain brings us Dear Future Wife, a show that introduces us to two cousins living together who go through life searching for love in the big city. The show is just one of many on the channel, but I chose this one because the episodes are good enough to make you want to see more and more, the music is pretty good (there's even one of my favorite artists on an episode! S/O to Stephanie Zandra!) and it was produced by an HBCU alum from Bethune Cookman. Check out the first episode below.


267 Productions lets us into the mind of an "old-head" in their web series under the same name. In this show, the advice of the "hood elders" (the old-heads) is often some of the best you can get. Its also pretty much ignored because what do old people know, right? You can see what happens when the advice is ignored or taken in the premiere short film below. Research it if you like it, because the creators are trying to get a full season funded so that they can continue the show. 


The last show on the list comes from BrothersWithNoGame. Brothers With No Game the web series is an award winning show about four friends living in London who deal with adult life (relationships, responsibilities, work) while also dealing with each other and the fact that they cant get a girl to save their lives. The creators of this show are a good example of how Youtube shows can be transferred from your computer screen to your TV screen, because the third season of the show will be airing on TV in London. If it can "make it", surely these others could as well. Check it out below to see if it deserves TV time (I mean it has it regardless but still).