"You Give Me Purpose"

by Makenzie Boyd

Growing up in the generation as a teenager is hard. There’s all of this social media and technology that our parents didn’t have growing up. At this point in my life, I’m 17 balancing sports, college, high school drama, and a social life. It’s pretty difficult trying to figure out who I am or what I want to be, but imagine doing it all in the spotlight. Justin Bieber, every teenage girls dream, knows exactly this feeling. The 22 year- old pop star was discovered in 2008 because of his covers on YouTube. The young and rising star took the hearts of America. He was considered perfect, a role model.

In 2016, something changed this star when he released his top-selling album Purpose. Justin had to show his growth with this being his fourth album, and he did just that. The second song on the album is “I'll Show You”. Although this song is more upbeat and happy, the lyrics express otherwise. His first lines say that his life is a movie that everyone is watching. He wants to get past all of the nonsense of his past and move on to the good part. With technology and social media on the rise, it’s much harder for celebrities, much less teens to hide things they don’t want people to see. The older generation doesn’t understand the negatives of social media and how it has had a tremendous effect on how teens grow up. I feel like a good part of my life, and my generation is documented on social media, but I can only imagine having every little detail about me on there too.

Social media comes with conflicts, all described in “Life Is Worth Living”. Depression, and suicide attempts in teens have increased greatly in the last few years with the increase of social media and technology. Cyber bullying became a real issue. Not only does it happen to teens across the globe, but it happens to celebrities to. Justin went through a time where he wasn't sure if life was worth living. He talks about how he didn't know where he was going or where he would end up. With all of the trouble he had been in the past few years, he didn't know what was next. I can personally relate to some of the stories he tells because I'm in the part of my life where I'm figuring out what’s my next step after high school is over, and who will I become without the guidance of my parents. With an unconventional upbringing in the public eye, Justin's journey can inspire many people that find themselves drifting off.

Finding out who you are, comes with finding out your purpose. "Purpose" really makes you look inward on your life and your experiences. This song has an audio of Justin talking at the end and it's very moving. He forces you to reflect on yourself and who you've become so far. It's about growth and defining yourself. The idea behind this song is an important one because I think in the time period of being a high school student and transitioning into being a young adult, you struggle to find out what you're really supposed to be doing. Purpose is my favorite Justin Bieber album because it hits so many heavy topics, yet is still fun to sing and dance too. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Justin, the songs are eye-opening.