"Bajo la misma Luna"

by Maricarmen Mora Estrada

Rosario left Carlos, her son with her mom at the age of five. She was in search of the American Dream. Rosario didn’t forget about them, she would send money monthly and call her son every Sunday at 10AM. Carlos turned nine years old and was anxious to see his mom. He took care of his grandma, she was really sick and she passed away. Carlos had no other reason to stay in Mexico, he left in search of his mother. On his journey he faced many challenges, from getting stuck in the border, to getting chased by ICE, to finding his dad and also losing a great friend who helped him throughout his journey. Carlos would’ve done anything to find his mom, although, he had no idea where she lived. He remembered the description of where she would call him. That Sunday at 10AM he finally saw his mom.

Bajo la Misma Luna was released on April 4th, 2008. In English it is called Under the Same moon. Why is it called that ? Well,Since the movie starts when the mother and son are on the phone they finish up by saying "I love you with all my heart... I love you more than all the earth and all the sea...And all the stars and all the sky."So the sky was a resemblance of love to them. Carlitos would look at the moon also because his mom told him that when he missed her he should look at the moon because she will also be looking at the moon and they can feel closer and not be sad anymore. September 11, 2001 United States underwent one of the most horrific days known to mankind. This event impacted everyone’s life all around the world. A prime example was the entrance of immigrants from all around, including Hispanics. Border patrol, Immigration, and police force was increased dramatically, meaning the people trying to come to the United States were going to have a hard time and have to go through a lot just to enter; even if they entered legally.People have different reasons in which they want to come to the United States for but they all lead have some things in common and that's how they reach the destination.

The movie displayed the hard work, challenges and obstacle many people have to overcome.The movie caught the attention of Hispanics more than anything. Not only due with the fact that Eugenio Derbez and Kate del Castillo (the protagonist) are well known in the Latino community. But also, because, many people could relate to the movie.

The day it was released, my family and I went to the movie theaters to see it and everyone in that theater was Hispanic and at the end you can see how everyone was crying during the movie (including myself). This movie felt personal because many people I know including my family, came for the American Dream. Every scene felt as if you were remembering what people have to go through just to have a decent amount of money to send back to their family members in their homeland. Not being able to see the love of your life, your mom, dad, your kids, and your family and friends. Basically people open a whole new chapter, where many do not even know a single soul in the new land, but, additionally some don't even speak the language of the country they are entering (in this case, English). They settle for low income jobs, jobs in which they are discriminated and taken advantage of. The movie made sense to me, maybe, because I took it personally and am currently living it. My perspective is different compared to another person, I understood it, but others probably will not.

So guys keep your mind open, look into different cultures,see the struggles, because we all struggle but does not mean we cannot help each other out in some sort of way. Additionally with the 2016 Presidential Election one of the many things that will be affected is the hard work of many families and friends. Do not forget to vote. Do not forget about us the minorities.