Rockdale’s Hero

by Estefania Solis

            I saw my family murdered in front of me. My father’s throat was slit open and I watched him convulse and bleed to death. My mother was shot with a laser from the back and left to die next to my father’s dead body. My little brother was blasted with an android’s laser; all I saw was his little body hit a wall and collapse in a heap of limbs. And me? The only thing that saved me was my ability to teleport, but I sometimes wish I had been killed then. “Long live the Pru Empire” were the words that brought about my family’s massacre and the darkness that Rockdale fell under. A.G. had at once seized my city and ravaged it. Buildings were no longer recognizable: their bricks became crumbled pebbles and dust. My home barely stands now; it wobbles and trembles, threatening to give in in any minute. My neighbors are distraught. Some of them wait and hope the Elementals will come to save us all. Others have given up and follow A.G. blindly. Roger tells me not to judge them and understand their desperation. However, I, along with others, turned that desperation into anger to fuel a movement. Although we are not capable of controlling fire and water, or blasting bolts of electricity from our fingertips, our will to bring A.G’s reign to an end powers us. We have not allow ourselves to wait in fear for someone to help us: we are fighting for our survival, with or without the help of anyone.

            Rumors of the Elementals quickly traveled in our broken city. At first, our fear forced us to latch on to such fairy tale, but later many people abandoned the chance. News about the Elemental’s inexperience and unsuccessful ability to work together spread quickly. Some decided to not rely on them, and soon we united to bring A.G down. The Clan was formed under my lead: it is a rebellion group formed to fight against A.G. We have trained hard for months and soon we will debut our force. Roger is my right hand: the brain of the Clan.  Without him, the Clan would be nothing, just another amateur revolt group destined to failure. He is also my best friend. People have still questioned our ability to win against A.G., and have urged us to step down and let the Elementals fight instead. I am often angered at their doubt: how could they just sit there and have faith in something that has given us no reason to. The Clan is our only hope, and we will prove that very soon.

          One morning, I was home when a voice called out my name. “Margot! Come out, we want to talk to you!” I grabbed my blade and slowly moved towards the front of my house. I tried to keep myself hidden, but the debris beneath my boots crunched with every step. I walked toward the ripped blanket that served as a door to my house and peered through a hole. I become more alarmed when I realized the Elementals stood outside. They came to disband my people.

            “What do you want! Get out! No one wants you here you filthy scraps of nothing!” I rampaged outside, my head hot with anger.

            “Whoa there princess,” a short, scrawny boy motioned me, “we come in peace.” He held up two fingers in mock. A taller, red headed boy walked forward with his hands held up and eyes cautiously peering at the blade in my hand. “ We are not coming to hurt you or your people. We want to talk to you, that’s all. Please, put that knife down before someone gets hurt,” he urged me. I reluctantly slid the blade back into my boot and narrowed my eyes at them.

           “If you come to change my mind about the attack against A.G. then leave now,” I warned them. The red haired boy looked at his friends for a quick second and returned to me.

           “We do come to change your mind,” he said hesitantly, “but we are not leaving. As much as it may anger you, we cannot allow you to basically commit suicide.”

           “I want you to leave now,” I sneered at him. “If you don’t leave by your own will, I assure you I will get you out by force.” The red haired guy looked back at his group and motioned at his team to began walking away. I stared at their backs as they walked into the broken city and disappeared into the thick darkness.

           “Do you think they are really leaving?” Roger’s voice startled me and I instinctively shot a hand out to punch him. He quickly grabbed my fist before it could connect and laughed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” I smiled weakly and returned my gaze towards the direction the Elementals had left. “I don’t know, but they seemed pretty serious about changing my mind,” I said with worry lacing my words.

           Roger pulled me into a tight embrace which meant not to worry. “Roger, we have to attack tomorrow. They are going to try to stop us if we wait any longer,” I said into his chest. He pulled away from me and stared at me with determination in his eyes. “Okay,” he whispered. That evening, I announced to the Clan that we would be heading towards Grandia the next morning. Although the news was last minute, they didn’t hesitate to agree: they were already prepared to take action for weeks now.

          The following morning our forces headed towards Grandia. Roger had prepared the night before with a plan to defeat A.G.: we were going to take the Orange Scepter away. Rumors had reached our city explaining how A.G. became powerful with it. My heart raced and anxiety pulsed through my veins at the thought of knowing that some of us might not come out alive. I reached out and squeezed Roger’s arm in an attempt to comfort myself.

          At last we reached our destination. The entire perimeter of the factory had a cement wall and the only entrance were two, large metal gates, which Roger quickly disabled to open. I signaled the first group to go in with me, while the second group waited with their backs pressed against the wall. With my laser close to my body, I stealthily led my team toward the entrance of the factory. Okay this is good, I exhaled, everything is quiet. There’s no sign- At that moment a loud explosion erupted behind me. I screamed in terror as I looked back and saw my group fly through the air and land lifelessly on the ground. My ears started to ring and my eyes began to sting from the smoke. I quickly found shelter underneath an abandoned vehicle and began to search helplessly for Roger in the smoke. Explosions began to set off one after another and androids swarmed the battle field.

         “Resistance we have been waiting for you,” they chanted simultaneously as they fired their lasers into the crowd. “NO!” I yelled in tears as I saw one by one my team fall dead to the ground. At that moment, a flash of electricity broke through the smoke and several androids fell. The Elementals had arrived. “Go!” the short boy shouted at me. I nodded and teleported to the entrance of the factory. Behind me, I could hear the Elementals fighting the androids off and commanding my people to take shelter. I inhaled a deep breath and pushed the doors open.

          A.G. stood in the middle of the factory with the Orange Scepter glowing at her hand. “Well, well what do we have here? A little rat thinking she can save the day,” she broke into a cold laugh. I quickly fired my laser at her and sent her flying back. A.G. had not expected the attack and quickly got up, her eyes alarmingly red and the Orange Scepter ready at hand. “HOW DARE YOU-,” but I wasted no time to shoot again multiple times. However, in a quick second she regained her balance and fired the Scepter at me. I was thrown through the air in an instant and crashed into a wall. Pain shot from every inch of my body, inhibiting my ability to teleport. I quickly began to lose consciousness and all I could hear was ringing in my ears. As darkness began to cloud my eyesight, knowing that I was probably going to die, I managed to get a blurry glimpse of the Elementals run inside the factory and begin attacking A.G.


         Two months have passed since I led the raid against A.G. The Elementals managed to cause damage, but she was able to get away. She is now reportedly in hiding with the Orange Scepter and no one has heard news about her since. Roger and the majority of the Clan lost their lives during the raid. As for me, it was a miracle that I woke up from my coma. Until this day, I am still recovering slowly and can’t yet teleport, but I have found a new family in the Elementals and the Racksons. They adopted me and offered a spot for me in their team to use my teleporting abilities. Although I let my stubbornness cause irrevocable damage, they were able to forgive me and put the past aside.

            We are still searching for signs of A.G’s presence in Colorious. My city Rockdale is still in ruins, but we are slowly moving towards improvement. We have united to rebuild the city. Although it will be years before it can return to what it once was, we will not give up. In reconstructing Rockdale, citizens set aside a memorial ground in which the members of the Clan who lost their lives were buried in a public ceremony. All but one. I buried Roger myself and gave him a private ceremony, he deserved it. My heart still aches in guilt for his death and I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive myself.  The only way I can honor his death is to not give up in the search for A.G. She will appear again someday, and when she does, I will finish what I started with Roger.