The Last Entry

by Gabrielle Brown

Dear Diary,

My last day alive begins today. The birds no longer sing in the morning, the sun no longer shines, and the air is no longer fresh. Life became disturbed the moment the Android Goddess, also known as A.G., overtook the government. Living in the farming community of Center City changes one’s self into a dead person on the inside, walking around with cold, sorrowful eyes and no purpose to live anymore. My heart, as cold as an ice brick clogging in between my ribs, turning me into a bitter old woman. The love of my life, Emmett, will never be seen again, because the blast of a metal clad robot with no soul finds resistance as a reason to kill. However, I shall avenge his death with all the power within me or I’ll die trying.

On a bright, sunny, July day in the beautiful Center City, known for its resources, I run through the field. My dress tears ever so slightly from the thorns attached to the crops. In my view, stands a tall silhouette of a man that the sun shadows, broad shoulders and muscular arms were the first to be seen. As I approach, the man’s dark skin complexion glows as it absorbs the rays of the sun on his skin from the short sleeve white tee and knee cut jeans he wore. Sweat beads down his high cheekbones and chiseled jaw as he begins to chop away the crops. Upon realizing my arrival, his brown eyes land on me and his pearly, white teeth appear as he smiles at the person within his view. “Hello my beautiful Amber,” he says after grabbing me in a hug and twirling us. Before I could respond, an alarm blares in the distance, “All civilians are under the rule of A.G. If you do not comply with her orders, you will be dealt with.” We stare at each other in confusion and fear of the unknown. Without another thought, we race to our home to see androids standing outside of our broken down door and the sound of our belongings being destroyed. “Civilians, report to the factory and create A.G.’s army,” the nearest android commands us. Emmett questions, “Who is A.G. and why are you raiding our home!?” The previous android answers, “Report to the factory and-” “You have no right to destroy all that I work hard for,” Emmett yells in the face of the android as sound of glass breaking resonates in the air. However, that's all it takes to trigger the shot that left him in a heap on the ground no longer breathing. My heart stops. My eyes lock on the man that I love, motionless. “The resistance has been taken care of, civilian report to the factory now,” the monotonous android says with no remorse of the life he takes. Eyes bloodshot, frozen in place, an android grabs my arm and drags me away from the sight. My Emmett lay dead for the sole purpose of questioning authority.

Today, that visual replays in my brain. Emmett will never be forgotten. Therefore, I partake in the resilience to destroy one of the factories built to create the contraptions that took my Emmett. Before we commence the  march towards the factory, it seems as if everything takes a pause. The wind stops slapping against my face and human productivity ceases. The tension and anxiety builds within me. Questions flash through my brain. “Will we succeed? Will this be my last day? Am I ready to die? Does Emmett see me? Is he mad that I am doing this?” Time will soon tell my destiny.

                                                                                                For my Emmett,


Anonymous POV:

 The sight of multiple androids causes us to come to a halt. However, she breaks free, newly found confidence and adrenaline sparking within her soul. She sprints without regret towards the doors of the factory, dodging lasers like a ninja. As she burst through the door, the shouts and screams from behind cause her to take a glance at us. Red dots cover her body and the last words we hear are “RESISTANCE STOP!” Everything ceases and her body drops to the ground. She lives no more. Her last breath goes out as the laser penetrates her heart. Her eyes shine with peace while her face contorts into shock. In addition, Amber is unable to see what became of the resistance. She didn’t miss much, only the fact that we lost to those droids. However, she left this world with the intent to avenge her love and she did. No regrets, only a fire that burns for justice. Therefore, we blow out this candle to our dear friend Amber. She always brightens up the day, but today she becomes a star to brighten up the night.