"The Savior of Mankind and Dogs!!!"

by Tono Jackson

Inthe year 2010 was when infection/outbreak movies really took off and started infecting the movie theater. Movies like The Crazies,Contagion, and  Quarantine 2: Terminal hit the movies with a bang. We aren’t here to talk about those infection movies but it was back in 2007 when an extraordinary and emotional movie dropped on the scene. I Am Legend actually stole my heart with its intense setting and sad plot. This movie literally made me cry tears and I believe it was the first movie to do that to me.

This movie is about Robert Neville (Will Smith), a brilliant scientist, which is the survivor of a man-made plague that transform into bloodthirsty mutant eating fiends. He wanders through New York City, Calling out to other survivors that may have survived through the man-made plague, and works on finding a cure using his own immune blood while having his trusty dog Sam next to his side. Neville Knows he is badly outnumbered and the odds are against him, and all the while, the infected wait for him to make a mistake that will deliver Neville into their filthy hands.

I know for me this movie mad me very sad, yet it aspired me at the same time also. I grew up as a person who liked dramatic movies. The dramatic movies I watched led me to watch dramatic TV shows and play dramatic video games with an intense plot to them. For example shows and games such as The walking dead and Transformers. Which Transformers made a TV show series and a movie series, which I really wanted the movie I Am Legend to become more broad in its production to be allowed to not only have a movie but a TV show also. For the work that was created Francis Lawrence did a pretty amazing job on this piece of work anyway.

Francis Lawrence is a movie director that has plenty of credibility and experience in the mass media industry. Francis Lawrence was born on March 26, 1971 in Vienna, Austria I believe. He is a producer and director like I said before, known for The Hunger Games: catching Fire created in 2013, The one and only I Am Legend created in 2007 and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1 created in 2014. Francis Lawrence is a popular music video director also, having directed videos for artists such as Britney Spears, Will Smith, Sarah McLachlan, and the legendary Aerosmith. He won a Grammy for Best short form Music video for Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. His work spread not just to my generation people but to many others which made him an outstanding director.

Dr. Robert Neville was really an emotional character for me. His journey to find a cure for the plague that nearly wiped out his world as he knew it and facing many obstacles realizing that he was going to experience failure throughout that span of time was very inspiring. I really emphasize on that because it relates to the fact being no matter how many trials that you go through if you perceiver through them you will definitely get a result being getting a good grade in a class or solving a puzzle. In his case it was getting a cure to keep the rest of mankind alive.

Even though Francis Lawrence has a tremendous amount of experience in the mass media industry, that didn’t mean that this movie came out actually flawless. There is one big example really that I didn’t quite understand throughout the movie but made me kind of sad that he was doing  was when he was talking to the mannequins in the stores and named them. But that wasn’t the worst, the worst part when there was this one specific manikin that he apparently thought was sexy and would try to flirt with. I mean I understand it’s a movie but really what is the point of having Dr. Neville do that? Well I mean maybe to show how he has lost his mind since the apocalypse has started or just wanted to have a fake life when he went to these stores or even just wanted someone to talk to (laugh out loud) who knows.  

For myself the movie will always bring a sense of sadness and touch of happiness to my heart. Francis Lawrence and the movie I Am Legend really emphasized that fact of if you fall get back up or in other terms even if you fail try…try again. Francis Lawrence really achieved this goal by putting a protagonist in Modern city New York to fend off a killer virus after many failed attempts to eventually find a cure. This movie especially got my attention when it first came out because the lead actor was African American. I don’t think you feel my joy for that because us African Americans have come so far to gain equality then BOOM!!, become lead actors in movies, does that not amaze you? With the way this movie was formed I feel I could watch it over and over and still have the same strong feelings for it every single time.